Team Biographies
Viola F.Washington, Executive Director
Viola Francois Washington, wife, mother of two sons, long time community activist and organizer. Founder of the Louisiana Welfare Rights Organization and has served as Director for the past thirty three years
The Welfare Rights Organization has worked in the community to break down racial barriers and to bring about justice. Mrs . Washington has been an instrumental in the lives of many welfare recipients helping them to obtain self suffiency through her many programs., such as:
The And Still I Rise Program where she was instrumental in breaking the cycle of welfare dependency for thousands of low income families through life skills and life training programs.
With the help of the late great Dr. Morris F.X. Jeff she was very instrumental in developing a Black History Program entitled COMMUNIVERSITY, a free educational program  univers  for the community.
Mrs. Washington has coordinated many programs since the disaster of hurricane of 2005.
1. 24 HourCriis line to locate displaced families.
2. An EmegncyAsistance Transitional Housing  Program to help families once located.
3. Community Organizing Training in Race and Racial Healing.
Mrs. Washingtonhahas s also coordinated a women retreat due to the horific devestationn of Hurricane Karina
Mrs. Washington also serves as Chairperson of the Road Home Research Team,
Host of REALITY CHECK TV SHOW, for the past twelve years, host of REALITY CHECK RADIO SHOW for the past six months. She is also the Proprietor of the BOUNTIFUL ROOM Clothing Store.
Mrs. Washington has also served on many boards such as Charity Hospital Board, Louisiana Healthcare Authority and still active on many grass root community boards.
Education: Alumni of SOUTHERN University, New Orleans.
For the past thirty five years she has worked diligently in the community at large bridging the gap between the haves and the have not’s.
Linda Walker Holloway
Administrative Assistant
After hurricane Katrina when the orgnization was in desperate of volunteers Mrs. Holloway
was one of the first to step forward to help put the organization back again.Since that time
she has worked her way up to become Mrs. Washington's Administrative Assistance.
Because of lack of staff,  Mrs. Hollloway is a team player helping out with whaever needs to be done. Mrs. Hollowa say" Thnk you to many volunteers who have volunteered atWRO".
Carmen Anderson, Volunteer
Disha Emilien  Volunteer
Volunteers Not Pictured:
Glenda Marie
Irma Patterson
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